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Get a Pawn Loan or Sell Your Gold jewellery with Melbourne Pawn Shop

Why do people like gold jewellery? Not only does it look good on the finger or around the neck, but it also holds its monetary value. If you need fast cash, getting a pawn loan, or selling your old gold jewellery can get you through a budget shortfall. Not sure which option is right for you? We’ll break down the differences when you sell gold jewellery or get a pawn loan for it.

Why do people pawn or sell gold jewellery in Melbourne?

Pawn shops in Melbourne offer consumers a range of options for getting instant cash. When you pawn or sell wanted gold jewellery, you can get instant, cash-in-hand. Unexpected bills, vehicle repairs, and other financial emergencies can put a significant strain on the family budget. Want to get away for a relaxing vacation? Sell gold jewellery for cash, and you’ll be able to afford the trip you want. When it comes to gold, it’s easy to either sell or pawn. There’s always a demand for it on the primary and secondary markets. Gold jewellery is one of those things that never go out of style.

What’s the difference between pawning and selling gold jewellery?

There’s one significant difference between pawning and selling gold jewellery. When you pawn, you have a chance to get the jewellery back. But if you sell it, you’ll be giving it up outright, but for cash. The process for selling versus pawning and the amount of money you can get for either will differ.

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Loan rate per month

$20,000 + 2 - 3%
$10,000 + 4%
$4,000 + 7%
$1,000 + 8%
$200 + 10%
  • Cash on the spot

  • Highest prices paid

  • We lend to everyone

  • No appointments required

  • Sell or Loan against gold jewelry

How do pawn loans work for old gold jewellery?

Pawnbrokers understand that for a lot of people, their items have sentimental or practical value, and they don’t necessarily want to give them up outright. When you come into the Melbourne Pawn Shop and ask for a pawn loan, our experienced pawn brokers will thoroughly assess the value of your gold jewellery. We’ll offer you a fair pawn loan for the items.

With a pawn loan, you’ll get a set amount of cash-in-hand that day that’s loaned to you. If you can repay the loan within the offer time limits, you’ll get the jewellery back. But if not, you effectively forfeit the items to the pawn shop. But the good news is, defaulting on a pawn loan won’t hurt your credit, and you can’t get sent to collections for it. It’s a clean, done deal that won’t impact your life at all.

What happens when you sell old gold jewellery to a pawn shop?

A pawn shop offers fair prices for unwanted gold jewellery that you can sell outright. You get the cash that day to use for whatever you need or want. You aren’t beholden to a loan, and it’s an easy, no-strings-attached way to make up for any budget shortfalls. Or to pay for something you really want instead of having that unwanted gold jewellery sitting in a box, collecting dust somewhere.

What’s the best place to sell gold jewellery?

If you’re wondering where to sell gold jewellery in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right page. At Melbourne Pawn Shop, we offer some of the most competitive rates for unwanted, old gold jewellery. Put your old jewellery to work for you, and convert it to cash today when you stop into the Melbourne Pawn Shop.